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Ayurvedic Naturopathy


Ayurvedic-Naturopathy distinguishes itself from conventional medicine by emphasizing wellness as a way of life and least-invasive treatments as a way of healing. These treatments include: herbal tablets and tonics, personalized diet and daily routines, counseling, spiritual practices, and body therapies. Interventions are geared to optimize body’s natural capacity to heal and maintain balance, as well as help individuals experience deeper parts of the Self. Individuals often find these interventions gentle yet powerful and life enhancing.


“when balance is restored, health and well being is inherent.”

— Dr. ANup Mulakaluri


Working with Dr. Anup

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic healing system that promotes health and wellness by treating the root cause rather than suppressing disease symptoms. Dr. Anup integrate this ancient wisdom with western Naturopathy which involves understanding the state of disease and physiological imbalances that the person is experiencing. This combination of Ayurvedic consultation and analysis and client disease history, symptoms, physical examination and lab tests allows enables us to design an individualized health care plan to meet the needs of each unique client.

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Igniting Health at Home

Healthy practices at home can take time to learn and integrate. Dr. Anup works with you to integrate your current lifestyle with practices and home routines that help facilitate more thriving and ease in your daily life.

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